ANJURRA by Charmaine Pwerle –
The Rug Collection x Pwerle Gallery

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Means ’Sacred Grass’. Can also be used for food purposes.


The grass is important to the Aboriginal people because its seeds were ground up to make flour. The seeds fell to the ground and were difficult to see, so the Aboriginal people would seek the nesting site of a particular ant. This ant would eat a certain part of the seed, then discard the rest and the remains would be found in a pile outside their nest. The women would collect the seeds, then clean and grind them into flour and use it to make bread.


Due to the availability of ready-made bread today, this practice is no longer common. However, the Dreaming for the grass seed has been passed to Charmaine’s mother, Barbara Weir, from her ancestors and is important to her people.

COMPOSITION: Handwoven from luxuriously soft and luminous Tencel™.
Custom options available.


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